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Fifty years is quite a while for most good things to last; but Aktion Friedensdorf Kinder in Not has kept on and is still persevering with its preoccupied activities. When something works well for 50 years, there sure must be some good reasons for that. And we think we can state without equivocation that organizations endure in proportion to the scope of the standards by which they are governed. So that the continued existence of Aktion Friedensdorf in the past 50 years, could be said to have been dependent upon the quality of its leadership. That is the leadership of Aktion Friedensdorf Kinder in Not, has been very effective, in accountably steering its affairs.

This is why we want to congratulate particularly the Founder, Mr Helmut Gobels, and the entire Leadership of Aktion Friedensdorf, for being steadfast, in upholding in the highest moral standards, the practices of the NGO. Indeed, it is said that great accomplishments require great people. In this case, the good deeds, and the endurance, of Aktion Friedensdorf throughout the past 50 years, is a perfect example of what great people can achieve.

In Ghana we would say, AYIKOO! Well-done!


We have come to know Aktion Friedensdorf since 1990 when Offinso Moenchengladbach Cooperation for Development was not yet born.  


We have been aware of the immense assistance that had gone from Aktion Friedensdorf to the then Disabled Society of Offinso. Hundreds of thousands of Deutsche Marks were pumped into the Society for the construction of buildings for the disabled training school; for the training of disabled students in vocational skills for their self-employment; and for the undertaking of surgeries for cripples and other physically deformed children.

Then later, since 2002, Aktion Friedensdorf Kinder in Not, in collaboration with our NGO, the Offinso Moenchengladbach Cooperation for Development, has supported Offinso in tremendous ways:  


In the past 10 years Aktion Friedensdorf has been of great assistance to hundreds of poor mothers and their children, in each year, by paying for their registration with the National Health Insurance Authority, so that when they are sick, they could easily afford to assess medical treatment in the hospitals. Otherwise, even simple illness and infections, were left untreated for so long that they ended up in complications, which more than often, led to some people dying. The support from Aktion Friedensdorf in the registration of the health insurance has saved many poor people’s lives in Offinso, Ghana; and they cannot express enough, the depth of their gratefulness.

Hochgeladene Bilddatei

Hochgeladene Bilddatei
Hochgeladene Bilddatei
Health Insurance Beneficiaries



The IHM is an integrated basic school at Namong, in Offinso, Ghana; which admits both abled bodied pupils, as well as disabled pupils. It is the only school in the entire Offinso District, and one of the few in Ghana, which is integrated. Currently, there are over sixty disabled pupils in the school. However, some basic facilities were lacking for them, which made life a bit uncomfortable for them at school. One area of need was accommodation. Even though the school is a day school the disabled pupils needed to stay in school as boarders, so the unpleasant and complicated situation for them to transport themselves to and from school each day, could be curtailed.

Aktion Friedensdorf came to the aid of the disabled pupils, by building two dormitories, one for boys, and one for girls, for the school; so the disabled pupils can stay in the school from the beginning of the term till the end of the term.

Aktion Friedensdorf has equipped a physiotherapy room for the school to cater for the physio needs of the disabled children.

Aktion Friedensdorf has built a kitchen, and a dining hall at the school to cater for over 600 pupils at a sitting.

IHM is very happy for this great improvement in their school, as a result of the timely intervention of Aktion Friedensdorf, for the benefit, particularly of the disabled children in the school.


Hochgeladene Bilddatei

                   Girls Dormitory in Immaculate Heart of Mary Integrated School, Offinso, Ghana


Hochgeladene Bilddatei
Some Disabled Pupils in Front of Their Dormitory
Hochgeladene Bilddatei
Disabled Boys Dormitory in Immaculate Heart of Mary Integrated School, Offinso, Ghana


Hochgeladene Bilddatei
Outside of Dining Hall in Immaculate Heart of Mary Integrated School, Offinso, Ghana
Hochgeladene Bilddatei
Inside of Dining Hall in Immaculate Heart of Mary Integrated School, Offinso, Ghana


Hochgeladene Bilddatei
Kitchen in Immaculate Heart of Mary Integrated School, Offinso, Ghana



Aktion Friedensdorf is an NGO which has at heart, the wellbeing of the physically challenged children. It is no wonder then that our subsidiary NGO, the Special Needs Children Care, has received immense support and assistance from Aktion Friedensdorf, in the past six years.

The Special Needs Children Care, caters for all disabled children, cripples, mentally retarded, and children with various deformities, etc. Aktion Friedensdorf has helped with the surgeries, medication, and special treatment of some of these children.

Aktion Friedensdorf, to help the NGO with its activities, has purchased for it a mini-bus, to convey the children to hospital for observation, general treatment, physio exercises and surgeries.

Aktion Friedensdorf has currently built a center at Offinso to serve as offices for the NGO, so that people can feel free to call in for advice on how to handle and manage their special needs children, and then, very importantly, to come with their children in need, for possible assistance that is available to all.

Aktion Friedensdorf has supported over 50 children in need since the inception of our NGO, Special Needs Children Care.

Hochgeladene BilddateiHochgeladene Bilddatei
Heavily Infected Leg of Gloria Gloria, After Surgery                                  Gloria, with Justice
and Amputation of Defective Leg
 Hochgeladene Bilddatei
Gloria with Friends



Hochgeladene BilddateiHochgeladene Bilddatei
Highly Defective Eye                                                                                  After Surgery in hospital                     
Hochgeladene BilddateiHochgeladene Bilddatei
Olivia Boachie, Before Surgery, 2018                     Nafisatu, Before Surgery


Hochgeladene BilddateiHochgeladene Bilddatei
Franziska Gobels on Inspection of                                          the MCE & Mr Bayer, on Inspection
Special Needs Children Center, Offinso                                    of Special Needs Children Center, Offinso


Hochgeladene Bilddatei
Justice Acheampong and some Family Members
at the Inauguration of Special Needs Children Center, Offinso


Hochgeladene BilddateiHochgeladene Bilddatei
Justice in front of Special Needs Children Offices                        Special Needs Children Center, Offinso


Hochgeladene Bilddatei
German Ambassador, Handing Over Bus



Aktion Friedensdorf Kinder in Not has also, constantly, supported the charity works of Emeritus Archbishop Peter Sarpong, the retired Archbishop of Kumasi Catholic Archdiocese, in Ghana, to look after some poor and needy children in basic schools, over the past twelve years.

No doubt, we in Ghana know that Aktion Friedensdorf Kinder in Not, has been loving, and caring for mankind, through its charitable undertakings for humanity in Offinso, Ghana.

Our only wish is that Aktion Friedensdorf Kinder in Not, for the next 50 years to come, shall keep on loving, and caring for, and sharing with, mankind.




Offinso Moenchengladbach Partnership Committee

Offinso, Ghana

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